Re: SLSX stock cars and NISX confirmation

Peter Ness

Thanks for the information and photo, Rich! I think it’s already been demonstrated conclusively that NISX cars are too far in the future for me.


Stay healthy,

Peter Ness


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Subject: Re: [RealSTMFC] SLSX stock cars and NISX confirmation


Hi Peter,

It’s not a former Mather car. The structural members are too heavy. Mather didn’t use traditional Railroad shapes when it came to building their cars. And it doesn’t have the Mather Patented roof which had a 6” Overhang.  

I attached a  Mather single deck Stock car photo of car NIX Number 479  taken after 1959.


Rich Yoder


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Subject: Re: [RealSTMFC] SLSX stock cars and NISX confirmation


Hi Doug,


Thanks very much. Attached my photo of SLSX 71548, which I am fairly certain is double deck with only two doors.  Is it possible the 71000-series contained both 2- and 4-door versions? Is it possible to identify if this is a Mather stock car?


The photo I have of NISX 3132 is undated, but definitely a 40-foot car and painted green.  Unlike the reporting marks, the letterboard on the car side seems to read “NTX” or ”NITX” with some small lettering underneath. From previous STMFC messages, it would appear green cars were leased to NYC.


I don’t know much about stock cars, and maybe the answer to this is in the archives; While Mathers (later North American) leased the cars, I believe many were painted in the lessee scheme? So, if there are no NISX reporting marks in say, a 1960 ORER (which would list many cars rostered in 1959) how would I go about learning the predecessor lessee of NISX cars? What I am trying to resolve: if NISX 3132 is not appropriate for 1959, who was it leased to and what were the reporting marks and number (or number series) before it was assigned as NISX 3132?


Stay healthy,

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