Re: [Non-DoD Source] [RealSTMFC] Photo: was Load On GN Flat Car 60031 (1956) now PRR cars now LV car

Gatwood, Elden J SAD



The LV well flat was definitely similar to the F49, but not exactly the same.  An extremely attractive car.  Also a GSI product.


It was not surprising to me that LV bought one, given its good relations w PRR staff, so a GSI car, which were very well-received on the PRR, was the choice.


It is not lost on me, also, that LV served Lukens Steel, a maker of many high & wide loads, requiring this kind of car.  Win-Win.


I used to have that brass model, but sold it to an LV guy because he was so in love with it.  Problem was, no decals.  I had to have my PRR decals custom-made.


I’ll see if I can find it.


Elden Gatwood


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If I am not mistaken, the LV had a similar car.  I have a brass model that I’ve painted, though it’s in a box and I’ve not seen it for quite a while.




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