Re: Vallejo box car red from micro-Mark

Ken Adams

I fell into this Micro Mark trap several years ago and bought several Vallejo Rust bottles mislabeled as Box Car Red. It was before Vallejo Model Color line became widespread.  I dilute them and use the color for rust weathering. 

I don't use model Air as I can no longer use an airbrush.  I have found  that Vallejo Model Color (hand brushable) Burnt Red 70.814 makes a very suitable FCR closely matching the wavelength to my eyes of Star Brand and TruColor Espee FCR. If you thin it with Vallejo acrylic thinner for air brush it may work. 

Lately I have found the best price and availability of Vallejo paints at Sprue Brothers which does not specially cater to the model railroad hobby.  I try to order about 10 bottles at a time to cover the shipping cost.  A lot of the colors in the Panzer Aces line are very usable for the grungy colors often seen on railroad equipment just days after leaving a RR paintshop and industrial structures.  
Ken Adams
Still in splendid Shelter In Place solitude, about half way up Walnut Creek

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