B&O O-27 gons

Gatwood, Elden J SAD



Do any of you know much about the B&O’s O-27 sub-classes of USRA gondolas?


I only saw them in their twilight years, when they were largely highly modified to keep them running, and were not in their prime.


Does anyone know when the brake systems were modified or replaced?


The ends?


What sub-classes got top chord reinforcements?


Was the O-27N sub-class the only one with replacement fixed ends?  Tie-downs?


I had done a good amount of research on these sub-classes back when I built a couple Westerfield kits, but have since lost that research. 


I’d like to know what to say when I am asked about those models I just got out of storage, since I was asked to show them.




Elden Gatwood

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