PFE wood ice reefer underframes

Dick Harley

In case anyone missed the link to my SmugMug site in Steve Hile's thread about correcting PFE brake gear placement, I have put a lot of photos, drawings, summaries and explanations in captions in this SmugMug gallery:

The most interesting discovery was that the HO scale Tichy R-40-4 RR Design underframe is really only correct for the WP reefers built by ACF as R-30-13 clones.  Apparently Bill Gould used a WP car when he made his tooling.
The Terry Wegmann tooling for the RR Design underframe is correct for the R-30-13 and all the PFE rebuilds which have an RR Design underframe.

If you have any corrections to what's there, please contact me off-list.

Dick Harley
Laguna Beach,  CA

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