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Bruce Smith

Don, Folks,

I used Tru-Color for the 1st time last night and today. There is definitely a learning curve with every new paint, but so far I'm mystified. I bought TCP-019, Santa Fe Brown, to paint a Bx-31 boxcar. This is supposedly a paint that needs no thinner. Using my Badger 200/210, I could not get it to airbrush at all. I added Tru-color thinner 1:1 and sort of got it to work but it was still really reluctant to flow. I tried at my normal 23 psi and at 30 psi. I did get the car painted and I like the finish, but I feel like it happened more by forcing it than by getting decent airbrush action.

Is it the airbrush? I can try my old badger 150 dual action, but I am reluctant because paint drying in the airbrush is clearly and issue.
Is it the PSI? I did see one post where the poster went to 35-40 psi.
Do I need to thin even more than 1:1?

Bruce Smith
Auburn, AL

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    Frankly I am so pleased to have Tru-Color paint available in even more colors

than my late friend George Bishop provided for us in his line of Accu-Paint that is

the exact same paint from the same supplier that George used after Floquil tried to

give him a hard time. I know that story all to well and never bought Floquil after

that. Tru-Color has expanded the line and offers the same great paint I’ve used since

George first offered it as the new form of Accu-Paint. Even Gordon Cannon used the

same Accu-Paint in Erie-Lackawanna Gray to paint all samples of his products before

photographing them for advertising purposes, suggesting that I do the same with the

NERS “Pullman Parts” line, many of which he cut the molds for and did the molding

before his untimely loss. So why put up with the hassle of trying to figure out what color

you are really getting when some supplier sells the same paint to several other sellers

each of whom put a different label on it? This is nonsense. I’ve never had such trouble

Tru-color and have been very pleased with the way it handles and helps me keep the

freight cars of my choice rolling our of the car shop properly painted. I’ve know very

few modelers who have learned how to use Tru-Color properly who have ever been

satisfied with any other model paint they have tried on resin or styrene models. Try it.

Learn how to use it properly and you’ll swear by it.


    No, I have no financial involvement with Tru-Color but would be lost without it.


Cordially, Don Valentine

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