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Gatwood, Elden J SAD



Thanks for that fabulous photo.


This is a PRR F37B actual F37B in its prime, with obvious well “hole” flat features (no floor), including lack of support under the floor that does not exist on a well hole flat.


This is EXACTLY the kind of load for which these cars were intentioned.  Load suspended on blocks at either end of the well, where the load should be concentrated.


Guys, What more can I provide, given what I know about these cars on many, many railroads?


Elden Gatwood


P.S. If you want more evidence of “well” versus  “well hole” flats, consult the PRRT&HS flat car book, or talk to me privately.



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Continuing the well car / depressed center car threads. These are various photos from the Seattle City Light Skagit Power Project.

PRR 470031 with runner for Seattle City Light Ross Powerhouse, car on GN at Rockport, WA in 1950's.

Rich Wilkens

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