Tru Color and Accupaint: was Vallejo box car red from micro-Mark

Andy Carlson

MYTH: "Accupaint is actually a variety of ink".
Answer--Accupaint is a lacquer and years ago the myth that the product is an ink started. It simply is not true. I spread this rumor also before being informed.

Though I have not liked Floquill for decades, I have used Floquil white as a primer for brass and resin before coloring with AccuPaint. A white primer on a plastic diesel has worked well for me in the past, especially for light colors and reds. I have never used Accupaint primer. Never use Accupaint for resin without a primer.

I have never air brushed any paint straight from the bottle. Lacquers especially need to be very thin, it needs to lay down wet to have a good finish. I have heard it should be reduced to the thickness of milk--I would go even thinner.

There are many better paints for brass steam than Accupaint. Scalecoat I for brass steam is almost universally accepted as ideal.

It is mostly unnecessary to spray a clear coat over Accupaint before decaling. Many early admirers of Accupaint felt that its quick ability to be painted, decaled and finish coated made it highly regarded. It dries very quickly. No need to wait overnight, or for days, to decal an AccuPaint finish. The product formerly know as Pledge sticks quite well to AccuPaint.

Many paints are now, or have been available for train model painting and many of the favorites I have never tried. I personally like Accupaint and 30 years ago I called it "Goof Proof Paint" as it lays down so well. One of the earliest Accupaint projects I layed the paint down too fast and sags were showing up. I rushed to soak a rag with lacquer thinner to quickly wipe off the still fresh paint. Boy was I surprised to see that the paint was already set, and in a nice gloss sheen with NO sag! The nickname Goof Proof arrived that same day.

-Andy Carlson

On Friday, July 31, 2020, 3:12:55 PM PDT, Schuyler Larrabee via <schuyler.larrabee@...> wrote:

I have NEVER understood what was so bloody wonderful about Accupaint and now Tru-Color.  It never worked for me.  I paint a lot of brass, and when I painted a couple of things with the Accupaint primer for brass, it was so thick that I thought I was going to lose the louvers on a brass model diesel.  It DID thin out some after a couple of days but OTOH, I did obscure some detail, or make grab irons visibly larger in diameter.  Who wants that?


I will say that George Bishops decals simply NAILED the paint schemes he did them for.  I have a lot of those still, and found that to apply them over Scalecoat I had to apply a clearcoat.  There’s nothing quite as “exciting” as realizing that as you’re adjusting the exact location of a large decal, you are also adjusting the location of a substantial sheet of paint!  The clearcoat solves that issue.


Accupaint is actually a variety of ink.  I presume that Tru-Color is as well.




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