Re: GN 60002 Well Car

David Soderblom

Every time I see an image like this I can’t help noting all the exquisite details:
  • The EXCESS HEIGHT placard, but it’’s too wide for the wood it’s stapled to, so it’s folded: both of them!  Was that from the force of air of movement?  And you can read the letters on the stake pocket castings, and they’re not identical!
  • The CLEANED placard on FGEX 265 behind the flat car:I haven’t seen that one before.  and the FGEX car is virginal — it must have just been delivered: not a speck of dust or grime or any imperfection.
  • We should all save pretty much save everything small out of our kitchens and shops as plausible loads.
  • Looks to be a hole flat: you-all can provide the technicalities.

David Soderblom
Baltimore MD USA

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