Re: Transformers and Runner to Skagit River Railway Powerhouse

Nolan Hinshaw

On Jul 31, 2020, at 16:04, Richard Wilkens <> wrote:

Here is a sequence of views of transformers and runner being delivered on the Seattle City Light Skagit River Railway in early 1950's.

View 01 - Here we have Skagit River Railway center cab diesel No. 7 with covered hopper of cement for Ross Powerhouse construction, GN gondola, two General Electric drop center flats with transformers and Pennsylvania well car PRR 470031. Train is travelling from Rockport, WA which was the connection with the Great Northern to Newhalem which is the base of operations for the Skagit Power project.
In the foreground is what looks like a Dodge/Plymouth/De Soto..

View 05 - Nice view of the barge being moved by the tugboat Ruby 2.
That arrangement is called a hip tow - the tug has almost perfect control of the barge.

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