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Tony Thompson

Excellent summary. Thank you.
Tony Thompson 

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You need to distinguish between express box cars and LCL service.

An express box car or express reefer would be in passenger service. So a train like a “fast mail” could have express cars from several railroads in its consist. PRR and B&O express cars ended up in Los Angeles.

LCL cars were in freight service. With the exception of some cars that were painted for company advertising, LCL cars were just cars. Those specially painted cars ended up being a pain in the neck to railroads when they came to an LCL transload facility, as the home railroad wanted to keep them on their own rails, which was not very practical. In the days before UPS and FedX, as many as 20% of the box cars on the railroads contained LCL shipments. These could be in anyone’s cars.



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Would express freight such as"LCL, Overnight, reefers, etc" roam off of their home roads and if so, how far might they travel?


I am modeling a Southern layout c1955 and have some SAL Express Freight and Reefers  L&N express refers and NC&Stl express refers and some MONON express boxcar and trying to determine if they are appropriate on this layout.




Allen Csin

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