Re: Tru Color was ] Vallejo box car red from micro-Mark

Donald B. Valentine

Hi Bruce, Claus and all,


     I think you had in right, Bruce, in noting that every new paint has a learning curve. As noted

earlier, I’ve been using Accu-Paint since George Bishop first introduced it and have alsways been pleased with it. Since Tru-Color now offers the same paint have seen no reason to change. It took me some time to get used to Accu-Paint having used nothing other than Scalecoat and Floquil before. My first experience with an airbrush was at the MIT Model RR Club in 1967 under the tutelage of Andy Miller, whom many on this list know as Andy is here too. The airbrush was a Paasche Model H single action one which I found very easy and pleasant to use. I soon had my own and now have two of them. I do believe the make and model of airbrush can make a serious difference as each model, as well as make, seems to handle differently. I once tried a Paasche double action brush, for example, and didn’t like it. I’ve also know a few folks who began with Badger but switched to a Paasche and liked the Paasche better. YMMV. Pressure is also an important consideration. I use 35-40 psi of a compressor with a good sized tank that can supply that pressure continuously without fail. Having burned out a bearing on a diaphragm compressor years ago I have used a larger compressor that is needed for cleaning farm machinery and such ever since with a 5 gallon tank. That’s overkill to a degree but not when using my North Coast grit blaster or for other things. It should be noted that I’ve never had a problem with a Paasche airbrush clogging, especially when 35 psi or a bit higher is maintained. Thinner is another issue and I’ll not that I’ve noticed some minor differences in viscosity and fluid level in the bottle with Tru-Color that I don’t ever recall finding with Accu-Paint. Perhaps a call to Rick Galazzo of Tru-Color is in order. I reach him at 714-488-9779. I thin almost ever bottle with a mix of 90% lacquer thinner and 10% zylene give or take a bit just as I do with ScaleCoat. I haven’t painted in a bit but have some to do in the next few days and will update this report then.


Cordially, Don Valentine

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