More well cars PRR F25C

Gatwood, Elden J SAD



This interesting sub-class of well cars, the F25C, were rebuilt from “standard” F25 & F25A with the intention of getting a tiny bit more depth in the well, for a taller load.


This dropped the load perilously close to the rails, yet it worked as intended.


The as-built supports and flooring were removed, and replaced with steel plates just thick enough to support the loads spread on them.


The top of the flooring was only 8” above the railhead!


I have a brass F25 I painted and lettered years ago, and I love it, but F&C now offers the car in resin:  perfect for kit-bashing.


In pic 2, note the angle bracket supports for the steel cross-members, riveted at intervals along the bottom edge of the car.  An important detail.


This car has home-built timber supports for diagonal plate or tank head loading.


Elden Gatwood

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