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The WP had 15 "Merchandise Service" cars in series 220001-220200 that were used in restricted high-value service from the Bay Area to several Northern California cities. These cars were drawn from the boxcar series 20001-20200, given passenger equipment and a special green paint scheme.  The service ended around 1946 or 1947, and possibly some operated in general freight service before their special equipment could be removed. Or maybe some just got away. In July 1949 one 220001 car was still listed in the ORER, probably wandering around the country. This is admittedly odd, and even if all 15 cars were in general service before being shopped, it would have been a rarity to have seen one, and even rarer to find a photo. 

One of these 15 cars eventually entered MW service in the 1970s, and is now preserved at the Portola Railroad Museum. AFAIK, it is the only survivor the original 20001-class.

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Would express freight such as"LCL, Overnight, reefers, etc" roam off of their home roads and if so, how far might they travel?

I am modeling a Southern layout c1955 and have some SAL Express Freight and Reefers  L&N express refers and NC&Stl express refers and some MONON express boxcar and trying to determine if they are appropriate on this layout.


Allen Csin

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