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Sinclair did operate a few twins and triples, but photos are rare. The late Richard Hendrickson sent me a photocopy of his article on Sinclair tank cars from UNION PACIFIC MODELER (pages marked only "Volume Four") which shows two examples.

The article showed a view of SRDX 122, "one of 33 three-compartment cars in the 114-146 series . . . built by the Standard Tank Car Co. and probably acquired second-hand by Sinclair." The car is interesting not only because it is out of Sinclair's usual territory as a gasoline vendor (he speculated it was carrying specialty lube oils), but also thanks to the three ladders and platforms it lacks the usual huge "Sinclair" on the sides. The photo was taken on the Santa Fe in Southern California in the late 1940s and is credited to Robert Hale via the M.D. McCarter collection.

His article also included a 1940 view of subsidiary Union Petroleum's two-compartment car, UNPX 102, from series UNPX 100-116. This is a very plain 6K AC&F type 11. My 1958 ORER shows this car still in service under this mark and number. The photo was by George Sisk via the Charles E. Winters collection. I lettered a now very rare metal Athearn/Globe 8K car to match the photo, without realizing that it isn't an AC&F type 11 (Hey! it's a rather dark photocopy!). I'll keep the car as it is, especially since I don't have photos of any other twin that it could be used for, and I'm something of a Sinclair geek. Good politics, since my spouse is a Sinclair descendant.

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The same article also shows

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Sinclair had quite a few 2 and 3 compartment tank cars, but I have never seen any photos of them. Does anyone on this list know of such?

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