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According to Richard Hendrickson's article in the April 1997 RMJ, the Tichy underframe is not 100% correct for converting the Red Caboose R-30-11/12 cars to R-30-13s. It is a somewhat beefier 40-ton underframe that is correct for the R-40-4 class, which is what Tichy's model is supposed to represent. He did allow it was close enough in HO to pass inspection. There was nothing in his article about brake system differences.

I rebuilt four Red Caboose R-39-11/12s with the Tichy underframe, including one WP/PFE (none of which should have the R-30-11/12 underframes) and the one R-40-6 egg car I could identify as being originally an R-30-13. I was satisfied with the results.

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Hopefully not to oversimplify but rather to establish a practical means of accurately modeling the PFE wood refer fleetcan we establish that :

1)  The Tichey underframe is correct for the WP. refers.

2)   Terry Wegmann's underframe is correct for all other PFE rood refers that did not have Bettendorf frsmes.

3)  Therefore is the Red Caboose  underframe corrrct for cars with the Bettendorf  undeframes.

Too simple?

Bill Pardie

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