Re: Oscar Mayer Freight Car taken in 1931

Peter Ness

Photoshop may be too harsh a term.  I suspect it is what I call an “advertising print”.  Somewhere in my collection I have a photo of a string of Boston & Maine boxcars lettered “B&M Baked Beans Boston, Mass.” in white lettering across the boxcars.  The lettering looks like white-out, but I am sure back in the 20’s-40’s there was some other lettering medium used.  The lettered photo would have been for use in a print ad or brochure to publicize either Oscar Mayer, or Oscar Mayers’ use of that manufacturers’ freight car, or perhaps even a new plant opening.


If it’s the “original” lettered print, the white lettering will be like white-out, and I suspect it would be cracked with age.  This is probably a duplicate print of the original hand-lettered photo. Having an original white-lettered photo is a little cool, having a duplicate maybe not so much – my opinion only.


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Peter Ness


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Hi List Members,


I've been looking over this image entitled "Oscar Mayer Freight Car" taken in 1931



The billboard lettering is very cool. However, as I spend more time looking at the image, I suspect this might be a case of 1931 'photoshop' alteration.


Is this a real car with real billboard lettering, or was this image altered? Opinions?




Claus Schlund


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