Re: How often were cars reweighed in 1910 time frame?

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Here's some info from the February 1908 ORER, page 27-37.

11. New cars shall be stenciled when built with actual light weight, date of weighing and capacity. Steel cars shall be re-weighed and re-stenciled within the first year thereafter, and wooden cars at the end of the first and second years. (I emboldened this text)

All cars which have received general repairs shall be weighed and stenciled, with the actual weight, immediately before being put pack into service.

Any car without stenciling shall be immediately weighed and stenciled. New weights of foreign cars shall be reported to car owners.

Here’s the ORER link:


So this NYC&StL (Nickel Plate reporting marks for that era) boxcar

needed to be weighed 12 months after the last weigh date. A car with a NEW 5-1907 stencil would need to be reweighed by June 1908. It would need to be weighed again in another 12 months.


The photo date should fall into that May 1907 to June 1908 timespan.





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I looked around, didn't seem to find anything...

We're trying to date a wreck image using freight cars in the pictures.
One (a WUF NYC&StL box) still shows "NEW 5/1907" By the CAPY/WT info (ORER info also suggests that as the build date).

Back in that era, was there a "every cars has to be reweighed every x [years/months]" requirement?
If so, what was the time period?

Ken Akerboom

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