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Claus Schlund \(HGM\)

Hi Doug,
Certainly a nice image, good sleuthing that you spotted the retouching of the photo.
I like the Decker tank car, reporting marks might be JEDX 23. According to my Dec 1930 ORER, Decker has the following series of tank cars: JEDX 20-37 and JEDX 40-92
I also like the view of the Decker reefer on the far end of the image, looks like DMRX 2873, Decker had the following series of reefers: DMRX 2520-2544 and DMRX 2800-2904
Claus Schlund

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To cite an example of a retouched photo. Attached is a photo scanned from a company brochure published by the Decker & Sons Meat Company, circa 1930. The photo shows the loading area, but what stands out is the large Decker lettering on the side of the reefer. However if you look close, you will see reporting marks on the end of the car indicating it is a HyGrade reefer, a Mather reefer. Someone doctored the photo for the brochure, painting out the HyGrade lettering and inking in the large Decker lettering. For what its worth I have yet to see a photo of actual Decker reefer with that kind of lettering.


Doug Harding


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No dimensional data, no reporting marks, no other required lettering for interchange service. Very likely a photo or negative that had lettering applied. Was a common technique for advertising photos.


Doug Harding


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