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Armand Premo

Testors is now owned by Rust - Oleum .Many colors have been dropped from the line.Armand Premo

On Mon, Aug 3, 2020 at 4:01 PM Todd Sullivan via <> wrote:

Having lived in New York State for many years, and having modeled the New York Central for a while, my recollection is that the NYC freight car color was toward the brown side of the spectrum.  I used the old Floquil "Boxcar Red" color on a brass caboose or two, and it looked pretty close to prototype.

I looked up the NYC Historical Society site, and there is a series of 4 articles on NYC cabooses here
They also have links to various paint manufacturers' websites.  I looked at the pages for Model Master Acrylics (as an example), and checked out their brown tones.  It seems that the color would be closest to #4675 Rust (flat) or #4707 Earth Red FS30117 (flat), or a blend of the two.  You might look here:

Todd Sullivan

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