DT&I Postwar AAR Boxcar – Front Range Upgrade #2

Bob Chapman

Continuing to clean out the three-decade stash of unbuilt styrene undec kits. Front Range kit #4070 features 10-panel riveted sides, 8-foot door, diagonal panel roof, and R-3-4 ends; a prototype near-match is DT&I's #14300-14549 series (the prototype with early improved dreadnaught ends, the model the similar late version). 

As with other circa-1990 kits, the carbody is decent, but the detail parts are well below current standards. Upgrades include Kadee ladders/grabs/Ajax brakewheel, and Kato ASF A-3 trucks. The kit’s deep fishbelly sidesills were modified to match the prototype’s flat bolster-to-bolster profile. The prototype featured a Kerrigan runningboard; I substituted the similar Apex from Yarmouth. Decals are K4.Thanks to Craig Wilson, Tim O’Connor, and John Stanford for their photo and technical help.

Weathering gone wild! -- an attempt to recreate the prototype photo. Craig speculates that the car may have spent a day too many at one of DT&I’s on-line Ohio bagged clay plants.

Bob Chapman


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