NYC 19000 series caboose color

Walter Cox <WaltGCox@...>

It looks like pink would work and you can ignore my previous post.
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Hi Dave,
I would do a test run of the mixture before using it on a model. Back when Floquil was the "go to" paint I was looking for a way to get a faded  appearance on some single sheathed boxcars in grain hauling service and was warned not to add white  as it would turn the red to pink but to use a  buff color.. I can't say if the white would have turned the red pink as I never tried it.
Good luck, Walt
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Thank you Mark. I have some Floquil Boxcar red and Reefer White in my old paint stash,
more than enough to paint a HO caboose. I guess I'm good to go.
Dave Lawler

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