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Schuyler Larrabee

From what I’ve read, and heard, “Lashup” is a model railroad term.  Not used by railroaders IRL (In Real Life).


Now, I don’t KNOW about “block,” but it seems to me to be a common term to describe arranging a number of objects with some degree of commonality together.  In the case of freight cars (that IS what we’re talking about, right?), that commonality would be a destination, or a consignee.


I admit that the brain cells are Blocked (😊 ) from coming up with an example, but still . . .




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Anyone know when the term ”Block”, describing a set of cars headed to the same location, came into general use?  Or whether that concept is in use outside of North America?  Similar question regarding lcomotives, where I recall hearing the term “lashup” to refer to a set of locos.  Or are these just railfan/model railroader terms?


Am debating these matters on another list and nobody participating, myself included, knows the answer.


Dave Nelson

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