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Richard Townsend

Many years ago MR published a very indignant letter to the editor castigating the magazine for using the term"lashup" and asserting that the only correct term was "locomotive consist." Why this has stuck with me for all these years is unknown.

Richard Townsend
Lincoln City, OR

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From what I’ve read, and heard, “Lashup” is a model railroad term.  Not used by railroaders IRL (In Real Life).
Now, I don’t KNOW about “block,” but it seems to me to be a common term to describe arranging a number of objects with some degree of commonality together.  In the case of freight cars (that IS what we’re talking about, right?), that commonality would be a destination, or a consignee.
I admit that the brain cells are Blocked (😊 ) from coming up with an example, but still . . .
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Anyone know when the term ”Block”, describing a set of cars headed to the same location, came into general use?  Or whether that concept is in use outside of North America?  Similar question regarding lcomotives, where I recall hearing the term “lashup” to refer to a set of locos.  Or are these just railfan/model railroader terms?
Am debating these matters on another list and nobody participating, myself included, knows the answer.
Dave Nelson

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