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Anyone know when the term ”Block”, describing a set of cars headed to the same location, came into general use?  Or whether that concept is in use outside of North America?  Similar question regarding lcomotives, where I recall hearing the term “lashup” to refer to a set of locos.  Or are these just railfan/model railroader terms?
John H. Armstrong in The Railroad What it Is, What It Does, 3rd Ed. Simmons-Boardman, 1990, page 169, says, "The next step in terminal operations is to assemble the cars from various sources into blocks ... headed for individual destinations; ...."  This is in Ch 12 entitled Classification and Blocking.

Coughlin, Freight Car Distribution, 1956 gives a specific example of blocking from the B&O.

You might try these, but the pdf's are not searchable.

  • Railroad Freight Transporation, Loree, 1922
  • Freight terminals and trains, Droege, 1912, available on Internet Archive and elsewhere online and published in multiple editions.

A Google search on "locomotive consist" gives a "consist" discussion like that mentioned by Richard Townsend

along with a lot of official looking railroad industry web pages.

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