Re: Photo: String Of Boxcars (Undated - 1900?)

Claus Schlund \(HGM\)

Hi Howard,
Thanks for the additional ifo on these cars.
There is a nice article covering the A&NW in Mainline Modeler Aug 1999 pg58-60
Adding some additional info, the above article sez: "The only standard gauge box cars built for the A&NW we 70 cars constructed by Ensign in 1891. These were placed in the number series 7000-7069 and were typical 34' 60,000 pound wood cars built at the time"
The article goes on to say "In 1915, there were 30 in revenue service, while in 1916 there were three"
Claus Schlund

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A&NW - Austin & North Western
Part of the H&TC by 1905 and all relettered
Series 7000-7069, 34ft in 1900


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