Re: Broadway Limited 6.000 gallon tank cars

Jeff Helm

Here’s a post from Ed Hawkins on this list that I kept, regarding painting of ACF built Hooker tanks.  Unfortunately I lost the date reference:

From AC&F bill of materials data, I provide the following information
regarding HOKX cars.

#221-222 built 3-40, lot no. 2030, 4,000 gal. car, ICC 103B. "Vita-Var"
Pliolite Red used on ends and top of casing except center band. Black used
on center band, dome, bottom of casing, underframe, and trucks. White

#225-226 built 6-41, lot no. 2218, 8,000 gal. car, ICC 103BW. Same scheme as
above although builder's photo appears to be painted entirely black. I trust
the paint specs to be the way the production cars were painted rather than
the way builder's photos "appear" to be painted.

#638-641, built 12-36, lot no. 1567, 6,000 gal. car, ICC 105A500. Same
scheme as above. Barely visible in the builder's photo is the black center
band. Not much contrast between the black and Pliolite Red colors.

#215, built 10-37, lot no. 1742, 8,000 gal. car, ICC 103B, Same scheme as
above. This bill of materials specified width of center band as 6'-5".

#216, built 4-39, lot no. 1868, 8,000 gal. car, ICC 103B. Same scheme as

There were a few more cars that AC&F built for HOKX, but this is all that
I've researched to date. I have no information regarding what "Pliolite Red"
looks like. Hope this helps.

Ed Hawkins

Jeff Helm
Bremerton WA

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