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Ken Soroos

Hi Guys -

Our local hobby shop acquired an estate from a very good modeler here in Madison. Among the items available are the Sunshine kits listed below. There is little local interest, so I thought I’d post them here for him as they’ll never be at one of our Prototype Modeler events. All kits are priced at $24 plus (actual) shipping. I glanced in each of the boxes, which all had been previously opened for inspection, but the parts and packing seem to be all there. If you call Chris, you could ask him to check the box(es) you’re interested in to see if everything looks o.k.

The descriptions below indicate what is printed on the labels. The boxes themselves vary in condition. They are all physically fine, but some of the outsides are somewhat stained and/or shop-worn. I’ve tried to indicate the box conditions on a scale from A (best) to F (poorest).

The last three kits on the list seem to be special Sunshine runs commissioned by RPI. They are in the same type white boxes as the Sunshine kits and have similar labels. Note that the last one only is priced at $10.

If interested, call Chris Roosli at Madison Hobby Stop at 608-829-3820 or e-mail

Ken Soroos

Kit No. Description Box Condition

3.1 Atlantic Coast Line Steel Side Rebuild A-B
USRA Double-Sheathed Boxcar

3.2 Charleston & Western Carolina 8000 Series Steel Side Rebuild C-D

9.7 10’-4” IH Steel USRA Rebuild Santa Fe Bx-__ (number illegible) B-C
Scout Straight Line Map and “Buy War Bonds” Decals

10.6 PRR X-31 Double Door Auto Car A

11.2 EJ&E 7300 Series Steel Rebuild with White Box Herald D

14.2 A.R.T. Reefer Wood Roof Steel Hatches A

15.1 Mather 40’ Reefer Steel Ends Morrell Banner Herald A

18.2 C&O AAR Boxcar w/Deco Ends D

41.1 Milw 1939-40 Rib Boxcar “Hiawatha” Wood Board D

41.3 Milw 1939-40 Rib Boxcar “Hiawatha” Steel Board D

NGD-FO12 [NEB&W Green Dot - Rensselaer RR Shop] Boston and Albany A
36’ Wood Boxcar w/ Dreadnaught Ends

NGD-FO25 [NEB&W Green Dot - Rensselaer RR Shop] Atlantic Coast Line A
40’ Victory Gondola As Built in 1943 w/composite sides
Includes Decals

NGD [NEB&W Green Dot - Rensselaer RR Shop] DL&W 40’ Steel No Label on Box
Boxcar ($10)


101-1B Pittsburgh Scale Models (resin) Union Pacific y/w A
War Emergency Flatcar ($24)

Chris also has 5 older Westerfield kits for $7 each that you can ask about if interested.

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