Re: Broadway Limited 6.000 gallon tank cars

Ian Cranstone

Interesting fun fact about those UTLX cars – they're actually cars belonging to UTLX's Canadian subsidiary Products Tank Line of Canada, being former Canadian Industries Limited cars built by Canadian Car & Foundry (likely licence-built using AC&F designs), transferred to UTLX reporting marks beginning in 1957. Broadway did a 4-pack of these cars in an earlier run, and also did a four-pack of CILX cars earlier. If you have a close look at the artwork on the Broadway site, you will see CC&F as the builder.

Of course, since the Products Tank Line of Canada's markings were identical to parent UTLX's markings, only the truly picky will worry about them being Canadian cars. It wasn't until after 1962, when the Products Tank Line of Canada became Procor Limited that the Canadian operation took on a visible identity.

Ian Cranstone
Osgoode, Ontario, Canada


On 2020-08-07 21:05, Ron Merrick wrote:

I don't remember the UTLX black scheme from the first run, but those might be more useful than any of the colorful ones.

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