Re: Sunshine Kits

Benjamin Hom

Ken Soroos wrote:
"The last three kits on the list seem to be special Sunshine runs commissioned by RPI.  They are in the same type white boxes as the Sunshine kits and have similar labels.  Note that the last one only is priced at $10.

NGD-FO12    [NEB&W Green Dot - Rensselaer RR Shop]  Boston and Albany        A
                36’ Wood Boxcar  w/ Dreadnaught Ends

NGD-FO25    [NEB&W Green Dot - Rensselaer RR Shop]  Atlantic Coast Line        A
                40’  Victory Gondola  As Built in 1943  w/composite sides
                Includes Decals

NGD        [NEB&W Green Dot - Rensselaer RR Shop]  DL&W  40’ Steel    No Label on Box
                Boxcar  ($10)"

The NEB&W Green Dot kits were done by Funaro, not Sunshine.

Ben Hom

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