Re: Photo: Loading Oil (Undated - Early 1900s?)

Tony Thompson

Claus Schlund wrote:

Note that NONE of the tank cars come equipped with any sort of dome platform nor any real place for employees to stand while working on loading/unloading the cars. To make up for this shortcoming, every car has a plank of wood to serve as a walkway and a work platform bridging from the car to the loading area.

        I did love the somewhat precarious looking planks.

It is clear that the tank car closest to the camera has the tank secured to the underframe by a cable that encirles the dome. The rest of the cars in the photo might have a more 'modern' tank anchorage.

    It's not a cable, it's a rod, called a dome yoke, and is attached on both sides. It prevents rotation around the long axis of the tank. The invention of the center anchor obviated the need for these yokes.

Tony Thompson

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