Photos: Opened Doors Of PFE 5706 (1951)

Bob Chaparro

Photos: Opened Doors Of PFE 5706 (1951)

A photo from the Gateway To Oklahoma History website:

Photos can be enlarged quite a bit.

There is a lot of information in this photo.

PFE 5706 is a Class R-40-23 car, first placed in service in 1947.

Note the stenciling on the doors and the printing on the boxes.

Blue Goose (American Fruit Growers Co-Op) Ventura Maid lemons in cardboard boxes. This 1951 date is a few years before Sunkist converted to cardboard shipping containers. Note the printing "One-Half Standard Box". This was the typical size when the packing houses converted to cardboard shipping containers.

Also note the printing "Experimental Container" on several boxes.

Another view:

Stencil: "Floor Racks In This Car Not Safe For Lift Truck Operation"

Stencil: "Air Circulating Fans"

Ventura Maid lemons were packed by the Ventura Pacific Company in Montalvo (now Ventura), CA in a packing house served by the Southern Pacific.

Crate label, pre-cardboard box

Bob Chaparro


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