PRR Freighy Car Paint Mix


Had a nice surprise this morning.  Quite a while ba back I was working on a model of the Pnnsylvania X31c auto car.  Folks on this list were gracious and helpful in providing information on the chain tubes and brake component arrangement.

One of the details that I was adding was a set of etched trust plates.  I had acquired these years ago when someone made them available. While attaching them one flew poff into God Knows Where. The project sent o. the shelf.

This morning while diligently looking for another lost part the plate magically appeared. I would like to complete car this before there are any more mishaps.

I know this has been. covered before (many times). Searching the archives has proven to be above my skill level.  Could someone please  provide me with the formula for Scalecoat PRR freight car red.  This would be for the 1930 period before it became more orange.

Thanks for any help.

Bill Pardie

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