Re: Photo: Grain Sack On Flat Car (Undated)

Dennis Storzek

On Wed, Aug 12, 2020 at 01:04 PM, Douglas Harding wrote:

Don that is not a normal size flatcar. The group of people to the right are standing next to a similar car. The deck is about at the lady’s knee, ie 18” high. Those rails may be 36” apart, making the deck about 5’ wide. So those may be grain sacks.

We forget, in this day and age, how common tramways were in the past. One shouldn't automatically assume that rails mean railroad. The motive power for this operation appears to be that team of mules, and from the looks of the deck they've been up and down it many, many times.

Cutest tramway I recall was in the print shop of the Chicago Transit Authority, used to print bus transfers and dating back to streetcar days. In the floor was a little 16" gauge tramway, still in use in the eighties to bring rolls of paper to the presses.

Dennis Storzek

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