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Mont Switzer

I have made the same observation as Brian.  All steam era roofs seemed dark.  I always attributed this to steam locomotive exhaust soot. 

As diesels took over freight cars seemed to stay cleaner and even brighter.  No soot.  Improvements in paint certainly helped this also.

Mont Switzer 

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In the steam era though you didn’t see massive amounts of peeling paint. At least not in the photos I’ve looked at. 

Brian J. Carlson 

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Yes.  Some did and some didn't.  Some paints would not stick to galvanized steel at first, so early roofs almost always had their paint peeling off, sometimes dramatically.  Eventually steel manufacturers came up with galvanizing processes that were more "friendly" to paint and paint manufacturers came up with paints that stuck to galvanized panels better.  Eventually, many carbuilders just left the galvanized roofs unpainted.

-- John

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