Re: Meat reefer roofs

Brian Carlson

Nice photos. 

The red tank car is a Union Starch car out of St. Louis.  

Also, the 50 ft double door SOO Line boxcar is interesting. Too far to tell if it’s the same model RCW brought out. 

Brian J. Carlson 

On Aug 14, 2020, at 11:33 AM, Tom Madden via <pullmanboss@...> wrote:

In August 1955 flooding from Hurricane Diane devastated the Pocono Mountain region of Pennsylvania, taking many lives and causing severe damage to the DL&W. Here are two photos posted to Facebook recently showing a train of (mostly) meat reefers trapped and partially toppled just east of Analomink PA. Interesting roof shot in the first one. The wider shot was taken from across the flooded area - the toppled cars in the first shot would be to the right of the area covered in the second shot. Note the bright red tank car to the far right in the second shot. Photos taken be Robert "Bob" Marsh and posted by Troy Marsh.

It was many months before the Lackawanna restored service. The meat reefers were loaded and once the ice ran out you can imagine what happened to the contents.

Tom Madden
<Reefer roofs.jpg>

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