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Also it depends on your time frame. It was renumbered twice and the door was changed during its life.



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Ah, such is progress.
I built the O scale model of SFRD 13000 in 1987, before desk top computers, home linked internet service and good digital cameras were available. 
So the 1953 19th edition of Car Builders' Cyclopedia was my main reference. From that short caption and photo  I even determined the fractional dimensions for the car side data.
It was built using an Athearn reefer roof, ends and underframe. The sides are built up in styrene, with plug door details worked out with wire and a cut up soda pop can for thin sheet aluminum.
A Champion decal set was used for lettering, but the "E" in El Capitan and the word "West" had to be hand painted. The set had a curved "E" and the word "West" was too large.
So much for the RIGHT side of the model.
I pored through my old TRAINS magazines from the late 1940's to see if perhaps there was a photo that showed the LEFT side of SFRD 13000.
But I could not find any coverage at all about that unique car.
I then did what I thought ATSF would do: use  the standard layout with a slogan for the left side, "Ship and Travel Santa Fe All the Way."
It was in the Champ decal set so it went on, carefully fitting it all between the horizontal ribbing.
This model has been in local and NMRA regional model contests and taken to area train meets to run on a display layout. It was well received.

Now jump ahead 33 years and lo, what appears is a photo of the LEFT side of SFRD 13000! That for which I had searched in vain.
What to do?  Ought I try to find another Champ or other O scale decal set with the SFRD "The Super Chief to California" panel and redo the left side (which has also been weathered)?
Or, just break out my spike maul and return that model to the elements of the universe from whence it came, being now found inaccurate and unauthentic.
Still, at my age now (mid-80's), maybe it's best I just only show its RIGHT side from now on!

Ed Bommer, MMR 634   

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