Re: WM Postwar AAR Boxcar – Front Range Upgrade #3

Nelson Moyer

Nicely done, Bob. I need to pay more attention to some of the plastic kit upgrades on my list, and you’re providing lots of inspiration.


Nelson Moyer


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WM #4009 was one of series #4001-4050 built 7/51. The prototype featured a 7-foot panel door with unusual rib spacing at panel #3 to accommodate the tack board, improved dreadnaught ends, and a diagonal panel roof.


The Front Range model’s deep-fishbelly sidesill was modified to duplicate the prototype’s tabbed design, and its eight-foot door opening narrowed to the prototype’s seven feet. The height of the third panel of a Detail Associates door was increased to match the prototype’s unusual spacing. Other detail adds include Kadee 7/7 ladders/grabs/Equipco brakewheel, Yarmouth Apex runningboard, and Kato ASF A-3 trucks. Decals are Speedwitch.      



Bob Chapman



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