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Jello Jon,
I suppose it's this one?:
I, too have one of these. Don't know much about accuracy, but two ladders on one side is somewhat odd, although about a year ago there has been linked a photo of a similar car here in this group. Would have to look where I have that Email.
The model is supposed to be an 8000 gal car, but the tank unfortunately is somewhat larger, I would guess about 9000 when I compare with a true 8000 and a 10000 gal car. But it doesn't hurt me much as I would run the car lonely between other than tank cars.
I soldered on the brake hoses and coupler lift bars and converted to Tahoe trucks - and in my eyes it is a very nice model.
I am also VERY interested in decals, but for the early post-war years.
Modeling the early post-war years up to about 1953
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    I have a nice looking brass tank car.  It's 2 dome and etched on the bottom of the frame is AJIN,   10-1988.  It is painted gloss black and that's the way I bought it.  It has trucks with .066 (+/-) wheel sets which is interesting.  Bought years ago (probably eBay) and wonder if anyone knows of available decals (for my time era) that would work.  Also how accurate is this car?  I think there is 1 in the CBC's that match.

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