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Hello Bruce,

many thanks for this explanation! Actually it was another member who said to me that the size of this model is too large and I believe him as he knows much more about freight cars than I, but your explanation definitely makes sense, too. Would be nice when that model is more correct in scale than I thought.

Thanks again and greetings

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Do not forget that on a two dome tank car, there are two compartments. The center end of each tank has a hemispherical end riveted into the car, giving the additional rivet lines on the car side. Thus, there is a space between the two tanks that makes the tank appear larger than its actual capacity. While I don't have the model in question to measure, I suspect that the size of the tank on the model is actually accurate.

Bruce Smith
Auburn, AL

The model is supposed to be an 8000 gal car, but the tank unfortunately is
somewhat larger, I would guess about 9000 when I compare with a true 8000 and
a 10000 gal car.

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