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Schuyler Larrabee

I agree with you, Jim, but take note that this car, at $200, is marked SOLD.  No need for Trainz to reduce the price.


As to NIPSCO using the car, there’s nothing to say that they used the two tanks for different liquids; they may not have done so.




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                   " $200 WOW! "

  Don't be too surprised about eBay prices for stuff like this unpainted
brass tank car from Overland being sold by Trainz.  Many sellers put a
price on something simply by guessing at its value - perhaps even
most.  Or they simply trust something like "The Brass Book" which has
often proven to have very little relationship to the real world pricing.
  Trainz, at least, is one of the sellers that gets it about "if it doesn't
sell at $___ then reduce the price" ... usually about 10% per reduction. 
And they seem to find a buyer with at most a 20-30% reduction.
  The whole brass market is skewed due to the "collectors" who buy
and sell brass based upon its collectible value (it's "rare").  That,
combined with the reductions in run sizes ...

  But I digress from the stated purpose of this list.  This is a nice
model of what appears to be a relatively rare prototype.  I doubt
that it is very far off the mark in terms of "accuracy" but is probably
not a model that, if lettered correctly, would be likely to show up on
very many of the prototypically based layouts.  But you can letter
however you want and use it however you want ("Rule #1").

  I find the fact that it is a two-dome that was owned by Nipsco a
bit hard to explain.  I'm trying to explain to myself the reason for
any power plant to own a two-dome car.  What would a power
plant be needing that justifies a two-dome car (relatively small
quantities of two different non-standard liquids)?  It has me
scratching my head to explain it.
                                                                                     - Jim

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