What's on my workbench

O Fenton Wells

OK here are 5 in the que in various stages of building and finishing.
From the bottom up, the bottom car is a Tichy/Sunshine mini kit that I got in a trade from Clark Propst.  Love it as I've never built a Tichy car before. The next car up is a Front Range with 8 ft door Wabash (NJI&I) that was inspired by the "I wanna rebuild older plastic kits like Bob Chapman does, building series", who also inspired the next two up the line.  The next car up the line on top  is another Front Range with 8 ft door will be a Columbia, Newberry and Lauens (ACL) boxcar with the special ACF roof that Pierrer from Yarmouth Models provided,  next up the line is a 40 ft DD Front Range will be a Wabash 8xxx series car and finally the top car a McKean 40 ft DD car will be a Norfolk Southern (Old) boxcar.
Just say'in

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