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Schuyler Larrabee

Good Lord, Nelson.


I was impressed by Clark Propst, but now . . .




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Paul, it’s not all that hard, and it can be a great time saver when all of the cars are alike, especially if you make simple jigs to bend the uncoupling levers, brake piping, and cut the brake rods. Jigs eliminate a lot of cut and fit. It also lumps all of onerous tasks together so you get them out of the way at the same time, and it promotes uniformity of like car relative to brake component placement, etc.. Batch building gives you an opportunity to find any kit shortcomings or difficult steps up front so you know how to handle then for the rest of the builds. It allows you to match sides, ends, roofs,, and floors for best fit. You can batch paint, which is also a time saver, and batch decaling avoids waiting time while the decals dry. Think about Henry Ford and the production line. I’ve batch built 24 stock cars, 16 gondolas, 13 reefers (those included truss rod, steel frame wood side, steel frame steel side, and steel plug door versions), 8 troop kitchen conversions, six 42 ft. flat cars, four 52 ft. flat cars, and several sets of 3 to 6 boxcars. While it may seem overwhelming to do 24 stock cars at once, It’s easier to plan road numbers in batch than having to go back and figure out which individual number to use, especially when most kit decals only support 2 or 3 road numbers and you have to splice the rest. I’ll admit that  cleaning up 48 stock car sides or drilling thousands of grab iron holes isn’t particularly fun, but neither is it fun to spread those tasks out over months or years. Best of all, when you’ve finished the builds, you have multiple new additions to your freight car fleet to admire. I’m batch building 23 passenger cars at present, and while they all use the same basic construction techniques, they are all different except for one set of three coaches. Now that had turned out to be a challenging project indeed.


Nelson Moyer


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How do you go on building five cars at once, I am a one item at a time guy.


Paul Doggett.   England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 


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OK here are 5 in the que in various stages of building and finishing.
From the bottom up, the bottom car is a Tichy/Sunshine mini kit that I got in a trade from Clark Propst.  Love it as I've never built a Tichy car before. The next car up is a Front Range with 8 ft door Wabash (NJI&I) that was inspired by the "I wanna rebuild older plastic kits like Bob Chapman does, building series", who also inspired the next two up the line.  The next car up the line on top  is another Front Range with 8 ft door will be a Columbia, Newberry and Lauens (ACL) boxcar with the special ACF roof that Pierrer from Yarmouth Models provided,  next up the line is a 40 ft DD Front Range will be a Wabash 8xxx series car and finally the top car a McKean 40 ft DD car will be a Norfolk Southern (Old) boxcar.
Just say'in



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