Re: Brass tank car

Bruce Smith


Don't assume that the compartments are either filled at the same time or with dissimilar materials. 

For example, the PRR used its TM8s (single dome tank car) to ferry used crankcase oil to its reclamation plant in East Altoona from engine houses around the system and recycled oil back to the engine houses. Tired of cleaning the cars before each trip with recycled oil, they purchases 2nd hand 3 dome cars. The center compartment was used for dirty lube oil and the end compartments were used for clean oil. So, it all depended on which direction the car was moving as to which compartments were in use. 

The GATC/NIPSCO car is an insulated car, so why two compartments? The following are pure speculation, but... 
  • maybe NIPSCO bought it because it was cheap and they neither needed it to be insulated or have 2 compartments. 
  • maybe NIPSCO also had a clean/dirty transfer scheme
  • maybe, when the car was built, it was built for tar/asphalt service for a customer who needed to divide the load in order to better handle delivery. That is, both compartments handled the same commodity, but it was better to deliver a complete tank (4K gal) to one customer, and then a second complete tank (4K gal) to another, instead of making the second delivery from half of an 8K gal tank?
Bruce Smith
Auburn, Al

<snip>  I find the fact that it is a two-dome that was owned by Nipsco a
bit hard to explain.  I'm trying to explain to myself the reason for
any power plant to own a two-dome car.  What would a power
plant be needing that justifies a two-dome car (relatively small
quantities of two different non-standard liquids)?  It has me
scratching my head to explain it.
                                                                                     - Jim

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