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Nelson Moyer

One small correction, Paul, I said 48 stock car sides, so that’s only 24 cars. Actually, my workbench is small like yours because it shares duty as my ham radio bench and computer station I get around that limitation by using lots of cutting mats, breadboards, or simply hanging file folders holding the instructions and prototype photos to move parts and partial builds on and off of the workbench. It’s very much a production line process. with only the active board on the bench at one time. Before I had to sacrifice space for my triple deck layout, I had a 6 ft. by 18 in. workbench, and that’s where I build the stock cars. After that, I cut down the bench and put it in a closet to save space for the layout. Don’t used age as an excuse. I started building the layout at age 70, and I’m 77 now. All of the other batch builds except the stock cars were done in the closet. I attached photos of the closet and some of the ‘parts holders’.


Nelson Moyer


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I see your point one of my problems is I only have a small modelling area about 24x18 inches. Also I do like to build a car then build a different car as my layout out is pretty well complete so I really cannot divert to doing work on that, as for building 48 stock car I take my crash helmet off to you.

At 72 I guess I am stuck in my ways having built in 4mm/ft and done a lot of scratch building in 0 scale 7mm/ft including 1890-1910 British goods wagons (not freight cars) for the industrial museum at Derby. 

I also scratch built locos, passenger coaches and wagons for the 0 gauge layout I had at the time.


Regards Paul


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