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I purchased one of the 2 dome insulated, I think for $60 on ebay. Richard H sent me the attached photo as the possible car. Note the ladder.



J. Stephen Sandifer


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Hello Craig,


to make all the confusion complete, I am sure you are speaking of this car:



I remember that discussion, too.





Modeling the early post-war years up to about 1953


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I recall a discussion of this car a while ago.  It does have a prototype albeit not a common one.  Arnt Gerritsen (draftsman and researcher for Overland Models) found it at the NIPSCO power plant in Michigan City Indiana.  At the time it was used for storage and was not in interchange service.  I don't believe any photos of a similar car have ever surfaced.  Arnt said it had a private reporting mark for NIPSCO but no evidence of any previous mark (GATX, ACFX, etc).  I painted one of these models for a friend years ago and lacking any other information we went though the equipment register listing for GATX and picked a number from an "empty" series.  You could do the same and just hide it when the prototype police show up at the door.


Craig Wilson

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