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Ed Hawkins

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I am attaching a photo of a C&O class “LO” hopper model gifted me.  Number and other lettering appear to be accurate for a 70 hopper in the series the hopper is in.  I am asking if the black color is correct or should it be gray?   And, who produced the hopper?  Thank you for your time and effort to help in advance.

All C&O LO’s of the 1958 cu. ft. design built from 1937 thru 1953 were painted entirely black with white stencils. Builders included ACF, GATC, Ralston Steel Car Co., and Pullman-Standard. Data & selected builder & in-service photos were published in RP CYC Volumes 27 (ACF), 28 (GATC) and 30 (RSC, P-S). 

The model of C&O 1013 is intended to represent a prototype car from series 800-1299, 500 cars built ca. 12-48 to 2-49 by Ralston Steel Car Co. (lot 2575). A Ralston builder photo of C&O 1143 was published on p. 239 of the 1949-51 Car Builders’ Cyclopedia. It shows the car painted “builder gray” that was done by some car builders to better illustrate the car’s details, rather than the production scheme painted black that tended to make the details more difficult to discern. In-service photos of C&O 823 (original paint, 3-54 reweigh) & 1211 (6-57 repaint) were published on p. 91 of RP CYC Volume 30.

Regarding the decoration of the model, the final three orders of C&O’s 1958 cu. ft. LO covered hopper cars built in 1948, 1952, and 1953 (the last two series from Pullman-Standard as shown on pages 36-38 of RP CYC Volume 30) came with the C and O for Progress monogram with steam trail. Whereas the model has the later straight-line version of the monogram, which would represent a repainted car circa 1955 or later. Missing on the model to the right of the Lt. Wt. line are stencils to identify the reweigh station symbol & date stencils that could reflect where & when the car was repainted - perhaps something like RA 9-55 to represent the repainted car weighed at C&O’s Raceland, Kentucky car shops. This is easily lettered with decals as well as some journal box repack stencils that the model also lacks. 

While I don’t have an exact date when the “For Progress” monogram change occurred, photos of new cars denote it was between 2-54 & 9-55. Hope this helps. 
Ed Hawkins

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