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You are correct.  I uncovered dozens of photos of auto damage claims on the PRR during my searches, and the teens thru thirties were the worst.  There was a lot of bad blocking & tie-downs, cars bumping one another, damage on the racks, etc.  It took a long while to get it right.


Elden Gatwood


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I've always wondered how many automobiles got squashed during shipment...

A friend's dad used to work at an auto dealership in the early 1950's. He said they routinely did repairs on nicks and scratches, and sometimes major dents and damage at the dealership from cars that arrived by both rail (team track) and auto carrier.  All part of the "Dealer Prep" that still exists today. Most of the damage occurred during loading and unloading. If it occurred during loading, the damage area would be numbered with a grease pencil, and the dealership would get a credit from the factory. 
I imagine the 1930's-40's would have been even worse.
RJ Dial

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