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Jeffrey White


It could be a 7 and not a Y behind the IC.  That would put it in the 79000 series which were covered hoppers.  The IC bought covered hoppers in 1940 and 1941.  Built by G.A.T.C.  they list Spec No: G.A.T.C.-2853  and G.A.T.C. 1528.   However by 1954 79000 - 79029 were assigned to Pullman Standard cars built in 1953.  The G.A.T.C. cars were numbered 79500-79561 and 79562-79676 in 1954. The diagram sheets don't show those cars as being renumbered. The roof and hatches we can see on the car sure looks like the drawing.

Sorry I couldn't be of more help. 

Jeff White

Alma, IL

On 8/21/2020 1:11 PM, Matt Smith wrote:
Trying to identify this covered hopper in the wreck. Lettering looks like IC and it's a wreck on the IC in Farmer City IL 1944. It looks like IC 9000 but there is also a Y next to the IC. Also looks to be a converted conventional 2 bay hopper. Thoughts?

You can download the high resolution photo in the drop down next to the print icon.

Matt Smith
Bloomington, IL

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