New Shippers Guide- Baltimore and Ohio/ Alton railroads

Ted Schnepf

Hello everyone,

Have a brand new shippers guide Alton/ B&O RR's.

The Baltimore and Ohio and Alton Railroads covered much of the North East and Midwest, USA. The B&O reached into New York State on the north and down into Virginia, W V, and Kentucky on the south, out to St Louis and Chicago on the west, and to the eastern seaboard on the East. the Alton allowed the B&O to extend to Kansas City, Mo. on the west and blanket Illinois with lines.

This newly printed shippers guide combines both the Alton and B&O railroad in one book. The book is dated 1939 and has 237 total pages. The Alton section of the book is separate and has 84 pages. Industries are listed by commodity produced or consumed, then by state and town in order for that commodity. the book also lists livestock pens, track scales, icing stations, crane facilities and coal and coke operators. the book has a comb binding to open flat for easy use for historical research or making prototype waybills. this new book is $39.95 plus shipping.

The cover is on my website at

This guide joins other recent guides from the IC, CNW and NP railroads
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